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Vavako Inc. is a company primarily engaged in the wholesale and distribution of products who comply with sustainable practices to ensure integrity of what we call "the finest products".  The company represents brands that comply with standards and practices that could make them competitive players in the retail arena.  The company's primary focus is the utilization of data to promote fact based decision making for the brand to evolve and grow.

Vavako understands that to grow, its brands have to be competitive.  As such it utilizes a sales and distribution frame works that intends to maximize sales and profit for the different players.  When VAVAKO represents a brand we want owners to feel confident that the sales and distribution of their products are in the best hands.

Our Team
Nicolas Espinosa, Business Director

Maria Guarderas, Product Director

Nicolás Espinosa has experience as an Industrial Chemical Engineer, Industrial Engineer, and in Financial Management. He has been Executive President of Automotores y Anexos (AYASA) since 1992. In addition, he is Director and Vice-President of the Board of Directors at CONCLINA.  

Maria has experience in Management and development of new products.  She has been a constant consulting resources for organizations like Metro Fraternidad, Ecofroz, VAVAKO, among other companies.  

Veronica Reyes, Marketing Director
Carlos Espinosa, Strategy Director

Veronica has experience in Trade Marketing, Marketing Digital, Social Media and online stores.  She has occupied various managerial positions in Microsoft and HP before joining as part of th Board of Direcetors of AYASA.  Veronica holds an MBA from IDE Schools of Business and BSc. in Marketing from Clemson University.

Carlos Espinosa has experience as a Chemical Engineer and has occupied positions that involve Wealth Management, Valuation and Consulting.  His interest range from Chemical Engineering research to Financial Consulting.  He has been part of the Board of Directors of AYASA and Agrocoex.  Carlos holds an MBA from UC Berkley and a MSc. in Chemical Engineering from Georgia Tech.

Nicolas Espinosa, President
nespinosa@vavako.com | Phone: 425-453-4553

Nicolas is the founder of VAVAKO.  He has experience as Chemical Engineering and as a Financial Engineer.  His current interest include sales and distribution process optimization.  Nicolas holds MSc in Financial Engineering from Claremont Graduate University and a BSc. in Chemical Engineering from Universidad San Francisco de Quito. 

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