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Kacau brings pure chocolate 100% quality guaranteed, with all the health benefits and rich flavor of Ecuadorian cacao and our chosen mixture of spices, fruits and aromas that will allow the consumer to encounter with particular flavors and emotions.

The Chocolate Man

Bill Fredericks owner and founder of the Chocolate Man has more than 20 years of making chocolates, teaching others and supplying local professionals with tools and products.  His personal inventions are exquisite, elegant, creative and in many instances exotic.

Bulk Chocolates

As a pioneer of what we currently call the "finest ingredients" Schullo has always provided the market with amazing cereals, nuts, honey and other specialty products

If your interest is to work with chocolate, we got you covered.  VAVAKO has varied lines of chocolate for the working professional.

Incas's Treasure

"Mind, heart, and spirit" 
We seek to find the hidden gems buried under layers of Incas history and share it with the world through most nutritious and delicious products. We offer the customer real food from the Andean hillsides grown in the in the most sustainable way that encourages the ideals of a healthy lifestyle. We believe that we can make you feel great by eating food that is cultivated with passion.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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